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E-learning modules

As part of the Child Safe Organisations project, the Australian Government commissioned the Australian Human Rights Commission to develop practical tools and resources to help organisations implement the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

The Commission has developed a suite of e-learning modules to help organisations increase their knowledge and understanding of the National Principles and identify steps they need to take as they work towards implementing the National Principles.

The modules are now available, free of charge, at this link.

There are 11 e-learning modules. They include an introductory module which gives an overview of the development and content of the National Principles, and separate modules on each of the ten National Principles. 

Each module will take participants around 20 minutes. 

The modules are intended to help people working or volunteering in all organisations that engage with children and young people – including organisations of various sizes, across Australia, in all sectors. They provide introductory content as well as links to more detailed resources and practical tools.

The modules are designed for use on desktop computers, laptop computers and tablets.